I specialize in therapy for adults, families, and couples.

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Santa Fe Psychology is devoted to improving the lives of individuals and families in New Mexico.  We help those suffering from a number of issues, including depression, anxiety, behavior problems, substance abuse, family conflict, and life transitions. 

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    Brooke Roberts, PsyD

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    Please feel free to call Santa Fe Psychology with any questions or concerns you may have about our therapy services at 505-795-5566.  We have an experienced staff to help assist you and provide guidance and any necessary referrals.


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    I specialize in therapy for individuals, couples, and families.

    I specialize in attachment and trauma work for you, your couple, or your family with children.

    ​​​Santa Fe Psychology

    I specialize in individual therapy for adults and adolescents.

    *While we can help most clients, we do not offer inpatient services, prescribe medicine, or offer psychological testing.

    I specialize in individual therapy for adults and adolescents, life coaching, and sports psychology.

    MJ Cunningham, LCSW

    We provide individual therapy/counseling for adults and adolescents as well as family and couples therapy/counseling​

    I specialize in individual therapy for adults and adolescents.

    Lee Swanson, LMFT

    Bonnie Murphy, LMFT

    Kila Hillman, LPCC

    Santa Fe Psychology. Therapists offering counseling services in Santa Fe New Mexico for adults and children